VestraView™, brings together multiple IP Based Cameras from many different manufacturers including Axis, Sony, Truen (Lamar) and others with h.264/h.265 streams and our powerful new V-Streamer™ technology to output a live to HD-SDI source from each camera for your broadcast plant, as well as generating still and time-lapse imagery for use on your web and digital properties. VestraView™ is a rich and scalable solution allowing cameras anywhere in your coverage area – and beyond! Choose from live, time-lapse or still images for use on-air or on-line. VestraView™ also provides a cloud-based solution allowing all stations within a group to share cameras among themselves.


q6128e_front_1510_hiThe solution consists of:

• Axis HD Network cameras
• A 4-channel h-264/h-265/MPEG4 to HD-SDI V-Streamer with blackburst or tri-level genlock
• Server software/Client Software with floating licensing

Stations can deploy up to 50 cameras and the software allows users to dynamically select which cameras are to be decoded by the 4 available HD-SDI outputs on the Videstra V-Streamer. Add a second V-Streamer chassis for up to eight unique, simultaneous HD feeds. This unique approach means you can add more cameras at any time, for any location without adding new hardware or software to your station infrastructure.




V-Streamer Full Front

The client software provides up-to-the-minute thumbnail views of all deployed cameras and the ability to look at and instantly control any camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom. In addition to full pan-tilt-zoom capabilities the cameras feature exceptional low-light performance, image stabilization and speed-dry capability when it rains.

Time lapse movies are available from every camera for any time-period within the past 96 hours (4-days).

Videstra provides on-line training, email and telephone support and each system includes a detailed installation guide to ensure your station’s technical staff can quickly and easily install the system and software in your facility.


Videstra is an Axis Development Partner as well as an Axis Authorized Partner.  We also maintain Axis Professional Certification for our lead programmer (ACP #19832301).  Download our technical specifications to learn more.