VestraViewTM by Videstra® is built for broadcasters to make managing and using your h.264 streams uncomplicated and reliable.

Our broadcast-oriented workflow is designed for seamless integration into the broadcast infrastructure by people with extensive broadcast experience and proven success! Our exclusive V-StreamerTM is a 1RU multi-channel h.264 decoder with 4 channels of synchronous HD-SDI.


VestraView can control 1 or 2 V-Streamers for either 4 or 8 channels of continuous live video from multiple h.264 streaming sources that include:

     • Live Cameras

     • DOT Streams

     • Content Networks

     • Live Viewer Streams

     • Direct Access to SevereStudios Storm Chaser Network

















VestraView offers both mouse-driven and touchscreen driven modes for deployment in studio (SCR) or master (MCR) control rooms.


Videstra Camera CloudShareTM lets you easily and securely, share cameras with other stations in your group permanently or temporarily.



See how our customers are using the Videstra product to bring local, live views into the homes and hearts of their viewers every day!

“So many streams, so little hassle.”
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