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A seriously simple solution to tame the complexity of managing Micro-local™ cameras!

Axis Micro-local CameraYou know them as SkyCams, WebCams, NetCams, CityCams, TowerCams, WeatherCams, or TrafficCams – we call them Micro-local cameras and they’re what put you directly into the heart of your viewers community. Micro-local cameras let you reflect the best your city, town and state have to offer – and more than anything, shows your audience you are everywhere they care about!

If you don’t have Micro-local cameras yet, or worse, if complexity is keeping you from using them, then you risk ceding a great opportunity to your competitors.

Videstra gives you the advantage by bringing all your cameras into a true broadcast production workflow. Designed by broadcasters for broadcasters, VestraView™ by Videstra is the only solution that provides everything you need to go from camera to screen. Our exclusive 4 or 8 channel V-Streamer decoders offer genlock, overlays, cropping and most importantly – reliability. Our user interface is universally loved!


Our software puts your existing h.264/h.265 cameras on steroids by adding:

  • Ease: Simple router-like instant access to every camera/stream – synchronously plumbing it directly into your HDSDI video infrastructure (SCR/MCR)
  • Sharing: Videstra Camera CloudShare lets you access cameras from every station in your group instantly
  • Differentiation: The Timelapse Factory™ for super-smooth timelapse on demand (with stabilization)
  • Spot News: The Clip Factory™ to access video clips from supported cameras for any time period within the past three days
  • Web Presence: Automated web publishing for images and timelapse sequences
  • Efficiency: Compatibility with automation systems such as Ross Overdrive™ and Grass Valley Ignite™
  • Flexibility: A single workflow that lets you select cameras and access PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) functionality and a quickly accessible tile view mode
  • Expandable: Access to Traffic Cameras from your states DOT can be added on a state-by-state basis
  • Economical: You can add cameras any time without expanding your infrastructure
  • Camera Agnostic: Videstra works with nearly every camera that can deliver video via h.264/h.265 via multiple protocols
  • Standards Based: Supports RTSP, RTMP, HLS and SRT – Videstra is a member of the SRT Alliance and our V-Streamer is SRT Ready
  • Keep Your Video Rights: Videstra does not tap into your streams, nor claim any rights to your cameras or video

And it does all of this in a way your production team will love and use!

Don’t just take our word for it…
Pete “WRAL has more than 25 IP cameras serving our market and beyond!  Videstra puts control of all of them at our fingertips.  The Videstra team have been great to partner with as we develop this part of our community service!”
    Peter A. Sockett 
    Director of Engineering and Operations


NolanWhen the State of New York DOT rolled out IP-streaming highway cameras, our reporters and producers needed a mosaic to keep an eye on all the feeds while being able to select the specific cameras quickly. Videstra fit the bill precisely with its touch screen interface and four video outputs. Videstra redesigned the interface to precisely what we needed! We can use it for any Internet stream, not just cameras. We love the built-in graphics engine. It’s proven so useful that we’ve added a traffic correspondent to our popular morning show.
   Nolan Stephany
    Chief Engineer
   WNYT – Hubbard Broadcasting
   Albany, N.Y.
Brady “We chose Videstra because they are the only ones that performed all of the functions that we required.
    Brady Dreasler
    Director Television Engineering
    Quincy Newspapers, Inc.








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