Online Publishing

VestraView™ Online Publishing provides practical gateways to leverage your captured images.

Think beyond the living room; go outside and play! Today your viewers spend less time in their living rooms – you should be out there with them. Put your most local content into the hands and hearts of your viewers and conveys your commitment to their communities.

Automatic, live publishing. Your website will always have up-to-the minute views from each neighborhood in your coverage area. All or your news, weather and traffic apps can include images, live views and time-lapse video to match locations around the viewing area.

Monetize your digital content and camera feeds in multiple ways by driving more traffic to your website and with new, online sponsorship opportunities for the camera feed itself. Some of your best local advertising opportunities like medical centers, colleges and universities, furniture stores, car dealerships and the like are great prospects to sponsor a live camera at their facility.