New White Papers – Best Practices

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We are producing a new series of White Papers on Micro-Local™ cameras and Best Practices.

These free technical papers give you information and tips on the best ways to deploy, manage and use your Micro Local cameras.

Over the years Videstra has gained tremendous experience with streaming cameras from many vendors including Axis (The author of these papers, Dan Desjardins, is an Axis Certified Professional – and Videstra is an Axis Development Partner (ADP)), Sony, Truen (Lamar™), Bolin Technology and many more.  We know how to best install, maintain and configure your cameras for the specialized requirements of Broadcast television.  We understand that most camera defaults are designed around security requirements (where most of these cameras are deployed), but broadcast is different and cameras should be set up properly for the best look when using them on live television.  Our White Papers will help.

We will be publishing new ones once every 4 to 6 weeks.  These are free to access and share.

Check them out – and let us know what you think using the contact information at the bottom of our Best Practices page. You may also get to the page from our Support menu above. We’d love to hear from you!