With VestraView™, you own your camera feeds and we give you the power to share these feeds with partners and affiliates with our powerful VestraCloud Sharing module.

• Send any feed to your broadcast facility in HDSDI with a single click though V-streamer

• 4 HDSDI outputs standard

• Optional upgrade to 8 outputs

• Automate routing and switching with API integration.

• Custom integration of streaming video feeds like SevereStudios.

• Metadata from cameras and providers including Understory Weather local high resolution ground truth data.

Establish and extend your presence throughout your viewing area. Grow viewer loyalty in the metro and outlying areas. VestraView™  cameras can be located in every community within your reach. Viewers respond when your weather reports, community events stories and breaking news coverage include live video from their town. When viewers see their neighborhoods on your station, they notice and come back.

Add new sponsors by placing cameras at their facilities and watermarking the video feed. These sponsorships are great tie-ins to your other digital channels. Allowing sponsors to use camera feeds and images on their web-sites creates sponsor loyalty.

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