Best Practices – Micro Local Cameras

Deploying Micro local Cameras can be a real challenge. Between the complexities of setting up Internet service at a remote location to physically installing a camera you are faced with a dozen obstacles. We want to offer our experience in hopes of reducing the need for ibuprofen…Videstra has extensive experience in the deployment of Micro local cameras, be they Axis, Bolin, Sony, Truen or any h.264/265 camera.  Let us help you through education, tips and tricks in our series we are calling

Best Practices!

On this page we will be posting several articles designed to guide you through your deployments.  Our intent is to post new articles every 3 weeks.  All we ask in return is that you provide us with your email address and basic contact information.  As new articles are published we will let you know via the email address you provide.

Here is a list of the available articles and ones that will be available in the weeks to come:

    1. Remote Internet Service Checklist (published)
    2. Camera Installation/Deployment – reducing your service load (Published)
    3. Camera Security coming 15 Nov 2020
    4. Diagnosing Remote Issues coming 6 Dec 2020
    5. Selecting Cameras coming 27 Dec 2020
    6. Camera Settings coming 17 Jan 2021
    7. Camera Failover coming 7 Feb 2021
    8. Why Scan Converters are Evil coming 28 Feb 2021
    9. Automation With Micro-Local cameras coming 21 Mar 2021

After you provide the requested contact information below, you will be given access to view the articles above (those that have been published).

Please come back often to see when new articles become available.