Videstra® is a group of talented individuals with decades of industry experience, dedicated to creating cutting-edge technology solutions for news stations throughout the world.  Our team takes great pride in developing high-quality, dependable software that integrates with industry leading providers, partners and products.VestraView™ is the current focus of Videstra’s development, marketing and deployment efforts.
The name Videstra combines video and finestra, the Italian word for window, and captures our focus to open windows to the world through video!

Leadership Team

Dan Desjardins
Dan Desjardins, Founder and CTO
Dan is the technology visionary for Videstra, LLC and leads the team of Developers, Designers and operations towards cutting-edge solutions for the broadcast industry.   

Previously, Dan held management and development roles for NewStar, iNEWS, Weather Central/WSI and Sound Devices. He spent twelve years working in several US television stations and considerable time in newsrooms throughout the world, including Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Russia, South Africa and Asia.

Steve Smedberg, VP of Business Development
As the owner of APIX Solutions, LLC, Steve has partnered with Videstra to launch Videstra’s technology worldwide.

Prior, Steve worked for Weather Central, LP, which was subsequently acquired by The Weather Channel. Steve was Senior Vice President and General Manager of Weather Central’s enterprise division where he grew the business from scratch to profitability and $1.5M in annual sales in less than two years, helping position the company for successful sale.  Previously, Steve was Vice President of Operations, Product Development, and Marketing for Weather Central’s core media division. Under Steve’s watch, the company implemented a product and marketing strategy that took the company from a distant second place in market share to market leadership with more than $20M in annual revenues.