V-Streamer h.264 | h.265 | MPEG4 Decoder

The Videstra V-Streamer is a 1RU 4 channel HD-SDI decoder for use with VestraView.  As an integrated part of the VestraView solution it provides a flexible way to decode up to 4 cameras or streams simultaneously.  The V-Streamer offers a single GENLOCK input and full GENLOCK offset capability.

Technical Specifications

Outputs          4 Independently Controllable

Video               SD-SDI 480i | 525i HD-SDI 720p 50/60 | 1080i 50/60

Genlock          Blackburst/Tri-level

Genlock Offset Pixel/Line (H/V) offset up to 1 full frame

Connectors   5X BNC (SDI X4 | Genlock X1)

Encoding         MPEG4 | h.264 (AVC) Baseline | Main | High Profiles | h.265 (HEVC)

Transport        rtsp | rtmp | udp(ts) | hls | srt

GOP                   Variable

Scaling              Full (SD/HD)

Processor        Intel I7

RAM                    8 GB

Network           2 RJ-45 1 Gb Ethernet

Monitor             DVI-I (DVI-D & VGA Combined)

Peripherals       USB

Power                 110-220V

Cooling               Dual fans

OS                          Linux

Note: Specifications are subject to change